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5 Best Beaches In Cornwall For Seascape Photography

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Today, I wanted to take a look at some of my favourite Cornish Beaches, the locations for some of my personal favourite images.

This is by no means a definitive guide, but my simply own opinion. Do feel free to tell me your favourite locations, Cornwall based, or worldwide, in the comments below!

1) Sennen Cove

Perfect for: Abstract Seascapes, Intentional Camera Movement, and making use of sand dunes, and patterns.

One of the best beaches in Cornwall, this is location is also a surfer's paradise. By sunset, the beach will be a perfect place for photography, enjoying the sunset, and watching surfer's.

2) Poldhu Cove

Perfect For: Using rock formations to create amazing leading lines, compositional interest.

Another cracker, this beach is great for some long exposure seascapes. Also, enjoy a cup of amazing hot chocolate at the beach cafe.

3) Jangye-Ryn (Dollor Cove)

Perfect For: Again, amazing rock formations to aide composition, and the opportunity to create ethereal images.

Also known as Dollor Cove, this stretch of coast is next door to Gunwalloe Church Cove, and is an idyllic setting for an evening of seascape photography, just make sure you time your visit at a low or medium tide. After you've finished shooting, visit the Hazelphron Inn for an atmospheric evening beverage!

4) Porthcurno

Perfect For: Outstanding natural beauty, golden sands, one of the best beaches full stop!

Low tide will reveal some interesting foreground aides for composition, but this beach is just there to be enjoyed. Take advantage of the nearby Minnack Theatre, or hike the coastal path towards Logan Rock for some amazing hidden beaches and breathtaking views.

5) Gwenver

Perfect For: A hidden gem, this beach is perfect for some tranquil time alone, and to sit and take in the beauty of the Cornish Coast.

This is actually the next beach along from Sennen Cove, but its lack of ammenities, and the reasonably long walk down the cliff to the beach, means, that in even in high season, your likely to be one of the only people on the beach. Cornwall at its finest!

So that concludes my list of great Cornish beaches to explore, take photos, sit and ponder, watch the sunset, drink hot chocolate, and watch surfer's.

Let me know in the comments, your favourite locations!

Until next time, happy shooting!

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