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"Fathom" Artist Statement

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The Fathom Collection

The late evenings on the Cornish coastline, as the last rays of light fall across the beach and ocean, bring a mysterious and ethereal feel to the coast, which these images aim to capture and explore.

After the bustle of a day, there is a feeling of solitude and calm, with the empty expanse of the beach, and the sound of the waves making the perfect backdrop, not only for creating images but also for contemplation.

This is my vision of the emotional feelings that the Cornish Coast invokes in me during this time of day.


This is one of the most important elements in the whole image-making process. When I look back at my images, I am transported back to the beach on which they were taken, with the sounds of the ocean and the colours of the sky, and it brings me a great sense of joy.

I also want people who view my images to have an emotive response, whether that be a moment of reflection, calm, or just the enjoyment of a coastal image.


I would classify myself as a colour photographer. The colour In my images is vitally important in portraying the emotion of a scene, and in creating the atmosphere. There are so many amazing colours to take advantage of at the coast, especially during the golden hours, with the colours in the sky changing almost by the minute, the sensational variations of aqua in the ocean, and the yellow and greens of the sand, grass and dunes.

"Because I want to translate not just what I see, but what I feel about what I see - This is abstraction, how you express the feelings about what you physically experience" - David Mankin, Remembering In Paint

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