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The Story Of Mullion Cove

Mullion Cove, on the Lizard Peninsula, in the far West of Cornwall is a small fishing harbour, which has become more popular and well known due to be using frequently as a filming location for the BBC drama Poldark.

It is also a location I have been visiting since my childhood, and I have early memories spilling cartons of orange juice down myself as a young boy whilst watching the sun set.

On our latest trip to Cornwall, I managed to spend some time photographing the Cove. When visiting a location like this, I like to spend time to try and capture the story and atmosphere of a location.

I have always been fascinated by the stone cottage sitting on the edge of the harbour. Think about the countless winter storms it has endured, waves crashing over the harbour wall into the cottage, or maybe and exciting and daring history in the smuggling trade!

I find harbours like these a really great place to take pictures, and it especially gives the opportunity to focus on finer details, and also for experimenting with different compositions and frames.

It may seem strange for a predominantly colour based photographer to say, but I have been really enjoying the process of editing files in black and white. These images were taken with my Fujifilm X Pro 3, and the files have been processed from RAW using the Across film simulation.

Although a relatively small harbour, I have always found that a visit to Mullion Cove with my camera has been productive, and I am always happy with some of the frames that I come away with. It may well be that I produce a final triptych of images from this collection to take to physical print.

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