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Dungeness - Monochrome

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

After a brief period of lacking inspiration, confidence in the project and the direction that it should take, I have started to look at my Dungeness files in a new light, which has meant re-editing in black and white.

It was possibly the fact that I was shooting Dungeness for the first time under blue skies that I couldn't quite get the colour pallette to work, or be truly happy with the results. Spending some time processing the images in black and white has led me to find some really pleasing results, especially with images I had been struggling with in colour.

Black and white has really brought back some of the character and atmosphere that this project has all been about for me. I now feel some of the images really contain that unsettling atmosphere, and sense of abandonment that I really enjoy presenting.

As a Fujifilm shooter, all the images have been processed from RAW files using the Acros film simulation, and then further tweaks have been made from there for individual images.

As to whether the project will continue in black and white, that is currently up in the air, but it has been great fun to work with black and white again, and it is also almost reasurring to know that it is there as an option if the colour work is not turning out as anticipated.

Below is a series of comparisons between colour and black and white versions of the same compositions. It would be great to hear any feedback on your preferences, and indeed any thoughts on the project as a whole! I always love to hear peoples thoughts on the work.

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