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"Nuclear Nature" - Artist Statement

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Studies And Observations From Dungeness

I have recently found myself becoming more drawn towards viewing, and wanting to create "documentary" landscape images. I have a great fascination of images that capture the atmosphere and remains of the ghost towns found along Route 66 in America. These images may at first glance appear simplistic in their approach or composition, but after more detailed study, they contain the history and hidden stories of a forgotten location.

Dungeness is a place like no other in the U.K (that I have visited) and I find it has the air of mystery that draws me towards the images of Americana mentioned above.

"Nuclear Nature" has become a documentary project, as Dungeness has a rapidly changing face. Even since I started visiting, buildings and boats have been lost to storm damage, or vandalism. Therefore my earlier images have become a record of the area, and each time I visit, I expect there to be subtle differences to photograph.

This means "Nuclear Nature" is set to be one of my largest on-going projects, documenting this post-apocalyptic landscape.

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