Inspirations (5) : Tim Gaweco

Welcome to the Inspirations series, Interviews with photographers who are producing amazing content day in day out.

Meet Tim Gaweco, UX researcher at one of the most popular online photo sharing sites "500px". Based in Toronto, Tim's work focuses on the Urban Environment, often with intriguing human elements. His eye for original compostitions and his processing style show us a gritty view of Toronto and beyond.

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Q) How long have you been taking pictures, and how did you get into photography?

About a year ago, in late October 2014. I started working for 500px and using Instagram. I realised that a lot of great urban photographers were sharing photos on Instagram and that inspired me to get started.

Q) How would you describe your photographic style?

Dark, with an emphasis on architecture and symmetry.

Q) What draws you towards taking urban images?

Living in a large metropolitan city (Toronto) drew me to the urban environment. I love the city, its energy, the people, the life. There’s an infinite amount of things to capture in a city.

Q) I love the vibe of your 500px gallery - do you have a final mood in mind for your images before you shoot them?

Sometimes I do, but not always. I typically prefer to shoot in overcast lighting conditions because that lends well to the mood that I want to achieve.

Q) Tell us the best things about being an urban photographer in Toronto

The community of urban photographers is incredible and growing. It’s really easy to connect with photographers in the city and most people are super friendly.

Q) If I’m visiting Toronto for the first time, what are the urban locations that have to be photographed?

Brookfield Place, Polson Pier, Toronto Island, King & Bay Street

Q) Tell us a little about your day job at 500px

I’m a UX Researcher, which involves helping our design team validate design decisions through usability testing or other design research techniques. More recently however, I’ve also started to do more outreach to new photographers that we’d like to join our growing community. It’s been a really exciting year with all of the new stuff that we’ve been working on.

Q) Do you shoot alone, or with fellow photographers?

Both. Although more recently with photographers.

Q) Could you share some of your post-processing techniques?

All of my editing is done in Lightroom. I do the basic adjustments but the tone is mostly achieved by manipulating the tone curve.

Q) What’s in your kitbag when you go shooting?

Fujifilm XT10, 14mm f/2.8, 56mm f/1.2, extra batteries and memory cards... and of course magic fiber.

Q) Do you have any other photographic techniques you would like to master?

I’d like to start doing more portrait work. Not studio work, but more urban portraits. It’s something that I haven’t had confidence doing yet.

Q) What do you consider to be your best photo?

Probably the one of my friend crouching and the subway in Montreal zooming by. I knew right away how I wanted to edit it.

Q) What’s your ultimate photographic goal?

Tough question. I’d like to continue to explore cities and connect with other photographers who share a similar passion. I’m not too interested in earning money, but who knows, I’m always open to any opportunities.

Many Thanks to Tim for taking the time to answer my questions, and share some of his amazing images. Stay tuned for more interviews soon!

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