Dungeness - A Photographic Story

Dungeness is like no other place I have visited here in the UK. It is in part a community, the location of two nuclear power stations, an important ecological site, and also the UK's only designated desert. It aslo exudes atmosphere and mood, making it the perfect location for a day's photography.

The dwellings all have their own character and intrigue - who would choose to live in this barrern land, set against debris, shingle and the ominous "Orwellian" power pylons that dominate the background.

The beach and surrounding shingle are littered with the remains of fishing huts, shipping containers and other ramshackle structures, left open to the elements, giving the entire area an apocalyptic, lifeless feeling. With the nuclear power plants also in your eyeline, it feels like you could be walking into the aftermath of a cold war nuclear aftermath.

One of the most popular images you will see from Dungeness, but one that I feel it was important to take in my representation of the area in this photo story.

The nuclear power stations give off a certain eeriness, a feeling of a past era, even though site B is still very much up and running.

What is most interesting about walking through this landscape is the nestling of houses. These houses were particulary interesting, with the looming force of nuclear power stations right outside your window.

I was interested in capturing a sense of lonliness and isolation throughout Dungeness, and this house was perfect for capturing this feeling. To me, this could be a scene from the American mid-west.

The day was finished by driving out to what can only be described as an endless field of pylons, stretching across the landscape as far as the eye can see, again a throwback to the ominous sense and atmosphere. This was enhanced by the fact that the pylons are located in the middle of a Military training firing range.

To shoot this series of images, I used the Canon 6D body, coupled with the Sigma Art 35MM f1.4 prime lens, and the Canon 135MM L Prime lens. Visit the manufacturers websites here - Sigma UK // Canon

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