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Summer Slump In Photography

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

This post will probably be more of a moan at my own lack of motivation then anything else, so be warned now!

After a period of feeling inspired, motivated and focused on my photography, coupled with some great positive interest in my work, I feel like the summer months have brought with them a real slump in my output. There are many reasons for this, with quite possibly laziness being the foremost. Its also very easy to blame not being in the right location, having a young daughter, and the weather.

As mentioned in a previous post, the feeling of confliction has risen again. Do I focus on my Outdoor Landscape photography, or revert back to workng in London on Urban images. My Soho Nights series, which is set in London has gained some publicity recently, and has really inspired me to continue - but this requires autumn / winter conditions when it is dark early. It's a very strange thing, but for some reason I don't feel like I can succesfully be a coastal photographer and an urban photographer, just because the genres are polar opposites and don't seem to offer consistancy.

I feel a bit stuck with my Landscape / Seascape work. Not living by the coast means it is difficult to consistently produce these types of images, or get time to work on coastal projects. With Cornwall (my absolute favourite coastal location) being 300 miles away, the opportunity to visit is limited.

One of the biggest frustrations is not being able to keep up with the fantastically talented photographers who are creating stunning work week in week out. I know this is silly, and really should'nt be a focus, but I have to admit that jealousy can creep in. I think a sort of guilt creeps in that I'm not making images, or making the best use of my time to forward my career.

With the revelation that LPOTY 2020 opens in January, I have become worried that I don't have any significant work to enter. Again, this is silly, as competitions such as this shouldn't take such high priority. I would be interested to hear if other people find big competitions as stressful as I do!

Sorry that this post has been more a collection of rants rather then anything more cohesive. Would love to hear peoples opinions of getting out of slumps and regaining the motivation to get images made!

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