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Contrasts - Defining Our Photographic Style

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

This is something I have been thinking about for a while now, so I wanted to get some words down on (digital) paper, for my own clarification as much as anything else.

When asked to define my photographic style, focus, or subject matter, I find this quite a challenging question to anwser due to the massive contrasts in the subject matter I shoot. Unlike some of the photographers that inspire me the most, I don't focus on one area or subject. Take for example Rachael Talibart and Josh Jackson, two of my favourite photographers. They both have one focus, and have become experts at it - Rachael shooting Coastal Photography, and Josh shooting colour Street Photography.

I have an equal passion for shooting serene Seascapes as I do for bustling Neon Noir street scenes. So my question is - Is it possible to be both an Outdoor Landscape Photographer and an Urban Photographer, and do we have to define ourselves as such?

Abstract London street photography from soho and chinatown
"Soho Nights" - Abstract London Street Photography

I am currently starting to categorise all my work as "Abstract". Both my Coastal work and London Street work use Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposures, so instead of being a photographer of a particular genre, I would now define myself as a photographer of particular techniques.

abstract cornish seascapes using intentional camera movement
"Fathom" - Abstract Cornish Seascapes

This helps to bring together the various images in my different portfolios, although I still have my more conventional Seascapes and Architectural images to worry about!

dubai skyline at night
"FutureScape" - Dubai Skyline

cornwall seascape photography lee filters
"Gunwalloe Church Cove"

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