Contrasts - Defining Our Photographic Style

This is something I have been thinking about for a while now, so I wanted to get some words down on (digital) paper, for my own clarification as much as anything else.

When asked to define my photographic style, focus, or subject matter, I find this quite a challenging question to anwser due to the massive contrasts in the subject matter I shoot. Unlike some of the photographers that inspire me the most, I don't focus on one area or subject. Take for example Rachael Talibart and Josh Jackson, two of my favourite photographers. They both have one focus, and have become experts at it - Rachael shooting Coastal Photography, and Josh shooting colour Street Photography.

I have an equal passion for shooting serene Seascapes as I do for bustling Neon Noir street scenes. So my question is - Is it possible to be both an Outdoor Landscape Photographer and an Urban Photographer, and do we have to define ourselves as such?

"Soho Nights" - Abstract London Street Photography

I am currently starting to categorise all my work as "Abstract". Both my Coastal work and London Street work use Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposures, so instead of being a photographer of a particular genre, I would now define myself as a photographer of particular techniques.

"Fathom" - Abstract Cornish Seascapes

This helps to bring together the various images in my different portfolios, although I still have my more conventional Seascapes and Architectural images to worry about!

"FutureScape" - Dubai Skyline

"Gunwalloe Church Cove"

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