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Travel Photography - Too much pressure to capture amazing images?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

This is one that I have been thinking about for a while, mainly as I am travelling to Dubai in a month or so. As an Urban Photographer, this should be the ultimate playground for photography, but I’m already putting pressure on myself to come back with amazing images, and viewing photographs of Dubai online has further enhanced this feeling of needing to “succeed”.

I think a conflict can occur when you are travelling with someone who does not share your passion for photography. I can’t fault my wife - she has been dragged to many a location and tends not to complain (too much!), but I have come to realise there has to be a balance between enjoying your trip and also getting the chance to take some unique images of places you very likely will not be returning to. The trip is for her enjoyment as much as it is for mine, so I'm happy to spend days relaxing by the pool rather then negotiating access to rooftop bars at sunrise!

I'm guilty of information overload when I arrrive at a new location, especially if it is one that i've been particulary excited about shooting, and I want to photograph it all at once. I succumbed to this in Iceland, when photographing at Jokulsarlon Ice Beach, runnning around like a mad man, before settling down and concentrating on composition. My approach to photographing Dubai will most certainly be more methodical and planned out. I've been contacting hotels in advance to organise access to rooftop views, and I need to remember to just enjoy the experience - many people will never get the chance to see these sights, so coming away with a great image will be icing on the cake.

travel photography by Mark Cornick, Iceland

Above: Jokulsarlon Ice Beach, Iceland : I'm guilty of rushing into compositions, by slowing down and thinking things through, it's obvious that better images will be captured.

travel photography by Mark Cornick, Cornwall

Above: Poldhu Cove, Cornwall, England : A travel location that feels more like a second home. Perhaps because its more familiar, and I relax more, Im always happy with the images I capture here.

travel photography by Mark Cornick, Santorini

Above: Oia, Santorini, Greek Islands : A travel regret? I didn't want to lug my camera gear to a beach and pool holiday, but I missed out on the amazing architecture that can be found on this beautiful Greek Island. However I did take more time to just enjoy the scenery, rather then seeing it from behind a lens.

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