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West End Walks

A series of images shot at night in London's West End

I have always been fascinated by night photography. There is something about the city after dark, a certain atmosphere and feeling. There is no better place to experience this then in the West End of London, with the neon lights of Soho, and the colour of Chinatown all a short walk from each other.

I took the Sigma UK team out with me for an evening of shooting, and to talk with them about some of my abstract work created in London - "Soho Nights".

Here are a selection of images taken during this photowalk. This series of images were heavily inspired by the work of Saul Leiter. The way that Saul approached the streets of New York, and paved the way for abstract colour photography makes him one of the most important photographers of our time. (I am also working on a longer piece of writing about the work of Saul Leiter which I will publish here on this blog in due course!)

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