Urban Ideal Magazine: #1

My Flickr group Urban Ideal has now reached over 400 members, with a pool of over 2000 images! My aim for the Urban Ideal group is to bring you a PDF magazine, which will be a free download from the website. Whilst this is in production, here is a sample of some of the images from the group that have caught my eye, and also introduces my first two "Featured Photographers" - Agnes and Laura McGregor.

Above: Martin Fox

Above: Thomas Benezet

Above: Fred Hoerr

Above: Alexander Rentsch

Featured Photographer #1: Agnes

Agnès Lapin is a self-taught amateur photographer based in the Netherlands living close to Amsterdam. She started photography in 2007, which she now pursues as a serious hobby and never leaves the house without her Nikon D5100, Fuji x100T or Ricoh GRIV.

She particularly enjoys shooting the streets in urban areas wherever she happens to be at the time, locally or during her travels, but she does not stop there and can as well capture the beauty of wildlife, landscape or architecture.

Not having one definite style apart from favouring black and white, she is open to new ideas and goes with the flow. She can take a series of pictures of the woods in winter, or capture the life of a city in places like Amsterdam.

Above: Felicity Berkleef

Above: Luke Williams

Featured Photographer #2: Laura McGregor

"If you'd have asked me at 10 years old what I wanted to do when I was older, I would have said 'go to art school'. I was a creative child but that faded away with time. Once I started working in an office I really felt the need to do something creative but struggled to find the right medium".

"Then I got an iPhone and I started taking pictures and processing on it, and I knew that photography was what I'd been looking for".

"I work in London and that's where I do most of my shooting in my spare time. While I love landscapes, the bulk of my images are of the urban environment. London is always changing, you can go to the same place every day and it will be different, but there's still something constant underneath that in the buildings, the river and the ties to the past.

I'm drawn to the visually dramatic with a quieter, more contemplative human element. I love wandering the city looking for something colourful, beautiful and atmospheric to shoot".

Above: Trevor Cotton

Above: Blackstation

Above: Dragan Brankovic

Above: Thierry Hudsyn

I hope that you have enjoyed the first sample from "Urban Ideal Magazine" - Keep your eyes peeled for much more content and updates in the near future!

Drop me a message if there is particular content you want to see, or if you are interested in submitting your own work.

Contact: mark.cornick1@gmail.com

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