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Sometimes the work of a photographer can have an impact on your life, and inspire you, before you even knew that photographers name. This is the case with the work of Rut Blees Luxemburg. The music of "The Streets", and in particular the album "Original Pirate Material" has always resonated with me, and I created much of my University film degree work whilst listening to, and being inspired by the lyrics of Mike Skinner.

It was not until years later that my interest in stills photogaphy took off that I could finally put the two names together - photographer "Rut Blees Luxemburg" and musician "The Streets" (Mike Skinner) - which formed this:

For me, one of the most recognisable album art covers from the early 2000's. The combination is faultess - listen to the music on this album, and the above image encompasses the lifestyle of "The Streets". This could easily be the tower block that Mike Skinner lives in, as he takes us on his journey of brandy, muggings and UK Garage raves. A shot of a tower block should not be this appealing, but it works on every level.

One of the things that gives this album cover such impact, in my opinion, is the small size of "The Streets" logo. The image dominates and grabs at your attention. The album artist, is almost secondary to the image.

The title of the photograph is "Towering Inferno" and was taken by Luxemburg in 1995, and is part of her 1997 body of work "London - A Modern Project". The image was shot on a large format film camera.

Looking at Luxemburg's body of work, she focuses on capturing the aesthetic of the Urban Landscape at night, making highly atmospheric images with beautiful colours, reflections and shadows.

Above image Copyright Rut Blees Luxemburg

There are hidden stories in these images, and I find myself looking at them for several minutes at a time, just being absorbed into the location.

Above image Copyright Rut Blees Luxemburg

So based on the above images, I set out to recreate my own vision of Luxemburg's London. These are my humble offerings:

Above image Copyright Mark Cornick LRPS

Above image Copyright Mark Cornick LRPS

Above image Copyright Mark Cornick LRPS

Learn more about photographer Rut Blees Luxemburg :

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