The Faceless City / Alone In The City

This is the first posting from a new project which will be titled "The Faceless City", or "Alone In The City".

The project will focus on using "ICM" or "in camera movement" to create impactful, abstract images. This involves using slow shutter speeds, and purposefully moving the camera during the exposure to create images that are ethereal in nature.

The project aims to capture the life of a city in constant motion, including the photographer, passing through scores of unknown faces, people we will never interact with, or come across again. This is why the people are portrayed as blurred silhouettes, or faceless characters.

The images will portray the frantic energy, the neon lights, a 24 hour city, a narcotic trip through side streets and shop fronts. Its almost like we are on drug enhanced haze drifting through the landscape.

The project will look at the relationship between the city, its people, the vibrancy, movement and motion, expressed through ICM techniques, resulting in high contrast and saturated images.

#abstract #street #facelesslondon #colour #icm #incameramovement #canon

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