Royal Photographic Society LRPS Distinction

I am very pleased to announce that I have recently been awarded my Royal Photographic Society LRPS distinction.

The Royal Photographic Society is an educational charity with a Royal Charter. Membership is open to everybody, and the society is the UK's largest organisation representing photographers and has over 10,00 members worldwide.

The LRPS distinction are interntionally respected and sought after by both professional and amateur photographers, with over 1000 applications each year (with around 600 being succesful).

The process involves submitting 10 prints which are then judged by the panel to decide wether you will be awarded the distinction. The purpose of your submission is to demonstrate that you are a competent photographer and can display a range of techniques and processes in your approach to photography.

Your final panel of 10 images also have to work together and flow as a series of images, aswell as standing up to scrutiny for their individual merits. Below is the hanging plan for my submission.

The process of the distinction day was surprisingly nerve racking, and takes place at the Society headquarters in Bath. Print submissions are displayed at the front of the room and are then judged by the panel of judges before a decision is made on wether your panel will be recommended for distinction.

The feeling of sucess and pride at being awarded the distinction made all the hard work and nerves of the day worthwhile, and this is certainly my greatest photography accomplishment to date.

Below is a closer look at the ten images from my panel.

"Shards Of Light"

"Citizen M"

"Dead or Alive"


"Ego War"

"Crawl Space"

"Fashionably Late"

"Stride By"

"Battle Royale"

"Boris, His Bike And His Building"

For anyone who is thinking about taking the plunge and going for a RPS distinction, and you would like feedback or advice, then dont hesitate to get in touch and I will try and help in anyway I can. You can reach me @

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