London Architecture @135mm - The Finer Things

I wanted to set a challenge for myself for my most recent London photowalk. Nearly all of my previous London Architecural images had been shot at wide-angle, primarily using a 17-40mm lens, usually shooting as wide as possible to get as much architecture into the composition - perfect for things like "look up" shots.

So, to make things more interesting, I decided to shoot London Architecture using only the Canon 135mm L prime lens, to see how this effected compositions. It turned into a succesful day of shooting, and I think the images are a slightly new way of capturing some of London's iconic Architecture.

"The Leadenhall Building"

"The Shard", framed by "20 Fenchurch Street"

"Lloyds of London"

"The Monument Building"

"20 Fenchurch Street"

"Lloyds of London" and "The Leadenhall Building"

"The Willis Building"

"The Leadenhall Building"

"Lloyds of London" and "20 Fenchurch Street"

"The Royal National Theatre"

"The Willis Building"

"Tower 42"

Learn more about the Canon 135mmL HERE

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