Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017: Fujifilm Print Prize Winner

Well...The last few day's have been a Landscape Photographer of the Year blur as the winners were finally announced.

I am thrilled to be able to announce that one of my images won the "FujiFilm Print Prize" in the Urban Category!

landscape photographer of the year fujifilm print prize

As this is the first time I have entered the competition, this is an especially pleasing result. The fact that the image will be exhibited alongside all the other fine winning images at Waterloo station is particulary exciting!

As expected, Twitter has been awash with LPOTY news, and photographers showing off their winning images. (And rightly so, this is one of the largest photo competitions in the UK, and success is something to be mighy proud of.)

As this is the first year I have entered, I wasn't aware that the competition caused so many high emotions and controversey amongst the photography community. It wasn't until the shortlist announcements, that I began to see some of the negative reactions to the competition. Although I haven't seen any myself, I have heard that the negativity contined when the winners were announced also, which is a great shame. Looking through all the winning images in great detail over the past few days, each one deserves its place, and its great to see so many fine photographers operating at the top of their game.

This should make us all focus, and to try and up our photography game. I know this success will drive me forwards to hopefully creating stronger images.

The nature of photography means that judging is always a contestable thing, as I well know from experience in the Photography Club world. One image can score a perfect ten in one competition, and be absolutely torn apart by the next judge.

Photography has provided me with many, many....many competition disapointments, so Im determined to make the most of the success and enjoy every minute of it, while at the same time becoming even more focused to get out, shoot, enjoy my camera, and hopefully create some more great images!

Congratulations to all the other winning photographers, and I look forward to hopefully chatting to you all at the exhibition opening!

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