Hidden Arteries - Lockdown 2.0

It has certainly been a while since I have added new content to this blog! 2020 has been quite a year, and frankly one to forget. I know that my camera has barely come out of the bag for the duration of the pandemic, and it is only during lockdown 2.0 that I have dusted it off, and tried to remember the meaning of ISO, aperture and shutter speed!

I want to try and keep this blog active, if only for my own organisation of images, thoughts and feelings. I'm not sure on the direction, but it will be a place to share ongoing projects and new images, and also maybe some more word heavy thoughts on photography, and other photographers, past and present.

I won't be actively sharing or promoting these posts on social media, so if you have found your way here, then welcome, and I hope you enjoy the content.

I will leave you with a selection of images created at home during lockdown 2.0, a mini project called "Hidden Arteries". These are images of Autumnal leaves.

  • Sigma Macro 105mm

  • Intentional Camera Movement

  • Multiple Exposure (In Camera)

  • Natural, and studio light

  • Indoor

#photography #autumn #autumnleaves #abstractphotography #macrophotography #sigma #sigmaimaging #markcornick #icm #multipleexposure

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