Dungeness - "The Coastal Canvas"

It is no secret that Dungeness provides a wealth of opportunity for photographers. It is a place like no other, and there is a certain atmosphere to the area which I find hard to put into words. I guess that is why I took pictures there instead!

It is a hard task to photograph Dungeness, and to feel like you have captured something different or unique, especially when focussing on wide angle vistas. It is also true that storms over the past few years have destroyed many of the structures that were so interesting. I also can sense that there has been a huge effort to "clean up" the area.

This shouldn't deter you from visiting and trying to create images that are compelling and interesting.

The scattered remains of debris, weathered boat hulls and ancient cargo units make for a perfect backdrop for making intimate, texture based images. The ocean, storms and the passing of time have taken their toll on these items, with layers of paint peeling away, revealing past attempts at refurbishment and repair.

I saw each layer as a deliberate attempt at creating art on a canvas, with colour patterns emerging, and delicate paint strokes creating beauty in this otherworldly environment.

This is what I saw and captured on the day.

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