Dubai: The FutureScape Series

Dubai; The city of the future, with skylines that would'nt look out of place in "Blade Runner", and I can now add it to my list of favourite photographic travel locations. Wherever you are in Dubai, the photographic opportunities are endless.

Once I started to photograph, I knew that I wanted to create a series of images with a certain theme and mood in mind. Here is my interpretation of this dystopian landscape:


I am obsessed with dystopian imagery, movies and novels, and wanted this to be an over-riding theme in the images I made in Dubai.

"Red Rising"

It's true that many of the best views of the city can be taken from above, and there are plenty of locations that are easily accesible for photographers. The above image was taken at the "Level 43 Skybar" at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel. As long as you buy a drink or two, and let them know in advance that you want to photograph, they could'nt be more accomodating.

However, there are plenty of amazing photographic opportunites from ground level - just focus on looking up!


The Dubai Metro system is perfect example of the futuristic vibe of the city. The track weaves raised above the motorway, with a certain "Minority Report" vibe, especially with the skyscapers looming in the distance. Aswell as being far cheaper then travelling by taxi, the metro system is easy to understand, clean and comfortable, and enables quick access to every part of the city.

"The Emerald City"

The Burj Khalifa is the crowning achievement of the city. Stretching 829m into the sky, the scale of the structure is something that has to be seen to be believed. A visit to "At the Top" is a must-do, but be sure to book well in advance if you want to visit at premium times, eg. sunset.


The views are vertigo inducing, but spectacular. The sensation of being that high above the ground was something quite special. Im not sure if it was imagined or real, but the slight swaying sensation added to the drama of the visit.


The amazing visuals continue at the "Duabi Mall", where just walking through the car park will give you the sense you are in a place of different scale, and luxuries - "Lamborghini", "Aston Martin", "Rolls Royce", rinse and repeat for floor after floor.

Apart from one the largest selection of shops in the world, the main attraction of the mall is the "Dubai Fountain" display, which takes place every evening, synchronised to different songs as the evening unfolds, a mesmorising experience.

The Marina is where the majority of the pool resort hotels are located, and again, the views are incredible.

Five days in Dubai was only enough to scratch the surface of the potential of this city, a place I would love to return to and continue my photographic journey.

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