Brighton West Pier

Whilst on a job in Brighton, we had a spare hour to take some photos of the old West Pier. I have had a fascination with this structure for some time, so it was great to be able to see it first hand and take some Long Exposure images of the remains of the structure.

As you can see the pier really is on its last legs, and it is questioned how much longer it will survive before finally being swallowed by the sea. The Winter storms of 2013/2014 caused further damage to the West Pier, with part of the structure collapsing entirely as you will see from the next image.

The left side of the pier is now entirely detached from the rest of the structure. The pillars, all that remain of the boardwalk, create fantastic leading lines and compositional aids.

The pier was shut in 1975 amidst safety concerns, as its popularity dwindled and people moved to the newer Plesure Pier further down the beach. Since closure, the elements have battered the structure, and two fires in 2003 have left nothing but an iron shell remaining today. It is a ghostly and atmospheric piece of British Seaside history.

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