5 Best Spiral Staircases in London

I had an enquiry recently about the best locations to shoot spiral staircases in London, so here is a quick run down of 5 of the best in London!

1) Citizen M Hotel, Southwark

Can I Just Walk In?

Well, in short, yes, I did, but I did go to the front desk to ask permission. As long as you are polite, and promise to be quick and respect the priority of guests, you should be fine. On random walk-ins, like this I try to keep my visits at 15 minutes at max.

2) Heals Department Store, Tottenham Court Road

Can I Just Walk In?

Yep, for sure on this one. The staff at Heals are really great, and the staircase is one of the crowning achievements of the building, and they are one of the few locations in London that welcome photographers! Well done Heals!!

3) Tulip Staircase, Royal Museums, North Greenwich

Can I Just Walk In?

Possibly, but it's well worth checking the availability on the Royal Museums website prior to your visit, as the area can often be shut for private events such as weddings. One of the most elegant staircases in London, im sure you will agree!

4) Premier Inn, Blackfriars

Can I Just Walk In?

I did on when I shot this. Due to the number of floors in the hotel, most people will be using the lifts, so I had the staircase to myself for the duration of my visit. Who would have thought this gem would be hiding inside a Premier Inn?!!

5) Aloft London Excel Hotel

Can I Just Walk In?

Again, yes, I did. The staircase is situated out of the way, so you should be fine. Its a long way off the beaten track, but there is enough interest in the surrounding area to warrant a visit.

There are of course, many more staircases to explore in London, so let me know your favourite locations in the comments below!

I have left off London Open House staircases, primarily City Hall, as these are only accesible on one weekend per year. The staircases listed in this blog could all be photographed at any time of the year.

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